Thursday, January 3, 2008

A Foolhardy Message in a Bottle

From Publius Melayu Blog

Early indications show its quite likely non- Malay voters have been persuaded to "SEND A MESSAGE" to the government come this elections. Foolhardy maybe, but that's the result of entertaining lofty ideals of having a more transparent and supposedly open government when the media and economy are still subverted.

Malay/Muslim Majority seats alone are not sufficient to garner 2/3 majority. A simple majority will invite more challenges after elections. Hence, the Prime Minister and the Muslim cabinet ministers, among others, should focus efforts on Malay Majority seats in the East Coast, North, Sabah & Sarawak.

Very close and thorough scrutiny of candidates for such seats is incumbent. Hard-core poor in such seats are understandably sceptical. Derailed development machinery is the chief culprit to blame. Meanwhile, all signs show there are invisible hands meddling in our democracy and media. Malaysia is the only Muslim country identified by Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu after 9/11 that has not yet been taken over by chaos and violent internal strife or pressured openly by the Anglo-Saxons. Hard luck if the government doesnt realise this. For all we know, 50 years of stablity may well vanish.

Power sharing works when all partners are honest and sincere with one another. Now that the non-Muslims think they can "send a message" (and not bear the consequences?), it's about time the Malays/Muslim Bumiputras hand over all Parliamentary seats to BN and give more control to UMNO.