Monday, December 22, 2008

Convoluted perspectives of Chin Peng


Whether Chin Peng is a 'hero' or not, depends who is looking at his historical path...

Chinese chauvinists who support Ketuanan Cina in Malaya would certainly call him a 'hero' in spite of his violent and systematic war against our independence from the British , and in spite of the many lives of military & police personnel he and his misguided comrades had killed.

Note tht the same people who were Bintang 3 (Kuomintang) later became Bintang Satu (MCP)...whereas in Mainland China the Communists were arch enemies of the Kuomintang (so-called nationalists who really were the White Protestant-backed-Rebels who tried to whipped- up a nationalistic fervour for their own personal gains.