Thursday, January 1, 2009

The (blinkered) fact of zionism...

Zionism is not entirely religious in its roots. It is just a power trip. These people who have been oppressed by superior powers of Rome and Europe had to let off steam by bullying a lesser equipped/educated population. Why cant they fight the Germans or Russians or whomever that oppressed them?

Was it the Muslims who threw them out of Jerusalem or destroyed Solomon's temple?

Was it the Muslims who gassed the European Jews?

Zionism has some racist roots in the fact that zionists believe that the land belong to the Israelites/Jews. Israelites are descendents of Jacob, eventhough his twin brother wasn't a Jew but an edomite, enemy of the Jews. What else can we say about the descendant of Jacobs grandpa through Ishmael? This is just a racist claim. Never mind Esau and Ishmael being firstborns, that doesnt count..

Then we have the Christians fanatics that say Jesus will only return when the Israelites return to their homeland and the temple rebuilt. Guess what, that already happened even before 1948. All the greater powers that controlled Palestine (Rome, Persian, Crusaders) forbade the Jews from entering Jerusalem.

It was only when the Muslims control the land that the Jews were allowed to return. As for the rebuilding of the temple. Well, Umar already did that when he built the Dome of the Rock. If Jesus were to return, it is to fight the evils of zionism and the Jews for rejecting him as a messenger.