Thursday, January 29, 2009

UMNO will not abolish wings

UMNO wings are important in nurturing future leaders of the party.

Therefore, the young members cannot be deprived of the opportunities to show their leadership potentials. If they are not given the opportunities to lead, then there is no way new leaders can be DEVELOPED!

Both Puteri UMNO dan Putera UMNO play crucial roles in the party. The Puteri wing was set up several years ago. This is a complete structure. If there are problems related to money politics, they should be tackled using strong enforcement.

Positive values should be cultivated among members to reject money politics. Both aspects — enforcement and positive values — should go together.

To eradicate money politics, UMNO should think of ways to carry out party elections effectively, but a change in the structure is too drastic and will bring about major consequences.