Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Whats with Obama?

It is now very clear that Israel whacked Palestine not because of Hamas but because OBAMA is being sworn in as President. The one thing that the Zionist as represented by AIPAC dislike is a President that is overwhelmingly popular. The reason for the dislike is because it makes the President much harder to control. More so when Obama has appointed Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State given that Bill Clinton as President was strongly sympathetic to the cause of the Palestinians. The difference between Bill Clinto and OBAMA is that Bill had dirt under the carpet so it was easy to deal with him whereas OBAMA is looking very clean from day 1.

The Israeli attack and ceasefire were all planned and timed to coincide with a period where American leadership is neither here nor there. Now they have whacked Gaza and destroyed it, they have sorted out their business for the next 4 years. OBAMA now can go and discuss with FATAH or HAMAS or whoever he likes but Israel has got what it wanted. What did Israel want? To send a clear message to OBAMA they he better play their game.

Think about it , they literally boxed in OBAMA that he did not in the course of the war make a single statement of intent.